Take A Glimpse Of Our Core Modules

Facility Management

Facility is the resources available for rental, booking or scheduling. It can be anything ranging from sport venues, meeting rooms, equipment or even staff.

Our system supports three categories of membership with highly customizable control parameters for different business needs – Individual, Token and Group.


    • A single person membership.


    • A charge per visit membership. Members of this type purchase certain number of tokens and dispense one per visit.


    • A multi-member membership allows number of members joining in a group. It is suitable for family or community group.

Memberships can be purchased or renewed online by members via registered member account.

Member profiles are securely stored in cloud-based server and can be easily accessed anywhere anytime. Our intuitive administrative interface helps getting jobs done in less time. Members can also register and login to their own accounts for bookings and membership renewals.

To extend services to customers, you can provide an online membership registration platform by integrating with our virtual pages. With automatic email reminders, members can renew memberships online and make payment via secured payment gateway.

With Resources Optimization Algorithm implemented, our Booking and Scheduling System maximizes resource utilization so to boost business revenue. It is an administrative panel for managing all facility bookings in a bulletin-like interface. All information can be accessed in just few clicks.

Facility Check-in Terminal is an efficient and convenient way to validate memberships before entry to facilities. It can be done with a separate computer terminal or an embedded function right in the administrator panel. It also serves as promotion billboard for events or promotions.

Course/Program Management consists of three core modules. The Course/Program Builder module creates course/program contents. Online Registration module provides a platform for online registrations. Management module allows administrators to process registrations and communicate with registrants.

It is a function to manage full student profile such as courses registered, attendance records etc.

If you sell specialty merchandises, sell them online. With our Virtual Pages, you can integrate our eShop virtual page module to your own website to boost revenue with minimum cost.

Inventory Management is designed for any type of merchandise with variants and control parameters. With unlimited number of merchandises you can added, your business opportunities can be scaled as your company grows.

Order Manager plays an active role for handling orders placed online by customers. You will be notified immediately for every order placed so that you don’t have to spend time on keep tracking of order status.

No own domain and website, no problem. Our Virtual Website provides an alternative solution to present your business profile and connect to your customers easily.

Our Newsletter modules consists of three modules –Subscription, Campaign Builder and Post Office.

Subscription – a plugin to your own website to accept newsletter subscriptions from visitors.

Campaign Builder – a wordpress like newsletter content builder.

Post Office – A scheduling program for delivering newsletters to subscribers with your email account.