A Membership and Facility Management System

Scheduler101.com is a membership and booking management system specifically designed for recreation facility providers, and is a comprehensive solution with effective functionalities to streamline your daily operations.

It is suitable for facility providers for
Badminton, Tennis, Squash, Table Tennis, Curling, Archery, Basketball and many more.

Customizable Memberships

  • Customizable for numerous types of memberships.
  • Unlimited number of memberships.
  • Types of membership.
    • Group, Individual, Family, Token, Coach
  • Play date and booking controls.
  • Online booking privileges.
  • Volatile and flexible for optimizing registration rates.

Member Management

  • Unlimited number of members.
  • Comprehensive member’s profile.
    • Contact profile
    • Account Balance
    • Booking records
    • Full history of memberships
    • Full history of activities
  • One-click membership renewal.
  • Membership expiry notifications.
  • Token management.
  • Intuitive user interface.

Booking Management Panel

  • Intelligent algorithms to optimize facility utilization.
  • Dynamic booking methods.
    • Single or multiple days booking
    • Recurring dates booking
    • Selective booking
    • Walk-in booking
  • Rapid extend or reschedule bookings.
  • Immediate administrative attention for member issues.
  • Account balance management.
  • Daily events and member activities.
  • Quick-member search.
  • Quick check-in panel.

Multi-Location Support

  • Share members’ profiles among locations.
  • Cross-location bookings.
  • Manage locations activities in one console.
Check In Panel

Check In Panel

  • Member card reader for in-and-out facility monitoring.
  • Instant membership validation.
  • Instant administrative alert over member issues.
  • Auto token dispensing.

Other Functionality

  • Player account balance checking.
    • Records of members and non-members account balance. 
    • Instant member’s account balance checking.
    • Instant administrative attention over account status
    • Monetary deposit, withdrawal and balance
  • Booking reminders.
    • Auto email reminders for players’ bookings.
    • Auto membership expiration reminders.
  • Daily operation logs.
    • Administrative messages
    •  Booking activities
    • Member activities
    • System Access activities

If you would like to know if the system is suitable to your operations, you can contact us or request a demo session for evaluation.